Going Green

The Town of Tiburon understands that climate change has the potential to significantly affect Tiburon’s residents and businesses, as well as other communities around the world. The Town also recognizes that local governments can play a strong role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating the potential impacts of climate change. Tiburon adopted a Climate Action Plan in 2011 and prepared a Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventory Report in 2012. Since the original, this report has been updated, with the most recent update in 2018, Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventory Report
One major role that Tiburon plays in, is with the Marin Energy and Climate Partnership (MCEP), including:
  • 10 other Marin cities and towns
  • County of Marin
  • Transportation Authority of Marin
  • Marin Municipal Water District
  • Marin Clean Energy
As a group, MCEP implements a wide range of greenhouse gas reduction programs for each individual local government and as a whole county. For more information about MCEP, please visit the MCEP website. This website is a great resource to find out what all cities are doing in Marin County to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
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Solar Roof Panels on Town Buildings

Back in 2006, Tiburon became the first governmental building in Marin County to install solar panels on the roof. The Town hall offsets about 27% of it electricity consumption with the help of 140 rooftop panels. This system can generate up to 39,000 kilowatt hours per year.

In 2020, Tiburon added solar roof panels to the Police Department too. The Police Department's solar system will generate over 85,000 kilowatt hours per year. 
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Residential Solar Roof Panels
Residents can also install solar panels on their rooftops with a building permit. For more information on solar panels on homes, please contact the Building Division at 415-435-7357 or download a copy of the Solar Policy Guidelines, which includes this information:
  • Roof-mounted solar collectors should match the roof pitch and be placed in close proximity to the surface of the roof below them.
  • Ground-mounted solar collectors and accessory equipment shall be screened from off-side view through careful placement and/or the use of landscaping and fencing.

Resilient Neighborhoods' Free Online Climate Action and Resilience Workshops

Start the new year with a new carbon footprint! Experience the Resilient Neighborhoods climate action program to lessen your impact on the planet and address the climate emergency. The new online format offers a safe way to participate in the program and connect with others during the pandemic. Have fun calculating your carbon footprint and taking steps to reduce it. Receive support and access to local resources to personalize your climate action plan and get your household prepared for emergencies, wildfires, and power outages. 

Over 1,500 Marin County residents have already reduced more than 8.5 million pounds of CO2 pollution through Resilient Neighborhoods.

The Tiburon Town Council adopted Ordinance 551 N.S. to regulate carryout bags for commercial businesses.