Current Projects

2018 Various Streets Overlay Project

The 2018 Various Streets Overlay Project is expected to commence on June 18, 2018. The project involves major paving and repairs of the following street segments: 

 Road From To PCI
 Apollo Road Mercury Avenue Mercury Avenue 55
 Beach Road  Marsh Road Mar West Street 56 
 Blackfield Drive  1075 Feet North of Via San Fernando End 64 
 Hacienda Drive Trestle Glen Boulevard  300 Feet East of Acacia Drive 42
 Heathcliff Drive  Sugarloaf Drive End 19
 Juno Road  Mercury Avenue Venus Court 61
 Las Lomas Lane  Mar West Street End  12
 Place Moulin  Sugarloaf Drive End 16
 Upper Cecilia Way  Cecilia Way End 29
 Via Capistrano Frontage  Via Capistrano East Via Capistrano West 36
 Via El Verano  Via San Fernando End 25
 Via San Fernando Blackfield Drive  Paseo Mirasol 19
 Via San Fernando Paseo Mirasol Paseo Mirasol 33 

Storm Drain Rehabilitation Project

The Storm Drain Rehabilitation Project repairs corrugated metal pipes that are deteriorated and have holes in them. Work is expected to commence in the summer, after June 15, 2018. Work will take place on Seafirth Road, Lagoon View Drive, Hawthorne Drive, Trestle Glen Boulevard, Hacienda Drive, Warren Court, Paradise Drive, and Seafirth Lane
Page last updated 4/10/18