Sign Permits & Guidelines


Commercial Signs

Businesses are allowed to install certain signs that are based on the size of their building. For information on the sizes, types, lighting and materials allowed for commercial signs and permits required, click here. 

Real Estate Signs

Up to two real estate signs are allowed per parcel and may only be displayed on the property for sale. For guidelines on allowable real estate signs, click here


Yard Sale/Garage Sale Signs

Certain temporary signs may be displayed on-site or off-site for special events, such as yard sales, garage sales, wedding receptions, etc. For guidelines on these allowable signs, click here.

Political Signs

Political signs are allowed for limited times before and after a special, general, or primary election. For guidelines on allowable political signs, click here


Construction Signs

A sign may be temporarily located on a site where construction is underway. For guidelines on allowable construction signs, click here.

To read the entire Tiburon Sign Ordinance, please click here.