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July 16, 2018 8:00 AM

UPDATE: 2018 Various Streets Overlay Project

Paving and repairs on various residential streets may affect you and your neighborhood:

- July 26 through July 31 (excluding weekends): Apollo Road, Juno Road and Hacienda Drive will be grinded and paved with a new layer of asphalt. There will be no work taking place over the weekend, but the streets will be left in a ground state. This means the top two inches of asphalt will be removed and the roadway surface will be rough on Saturday 7/28 and Sunday 7/29. The paving of the streets is expected to take place on Monday 7/30 and Tuesday 7/31.

- August 1: Crack-seal (inserting a hot rubber-like material into roadway cracks) on Blackfield Drive, Via Capistrano, and Beach Road. Place Moulin and Heathcliff Drive are expected to be paved on this day as well.

- August 2: Grinding of the existing pavement on Beach Road and Las Lomas Lane, as well as overlay of Blackfield Drive and Via Capistrano.

-August 3: Pavement overlay of Las Lomas Lane.

-August 6 through August 17: The contractor is expected to adjust all utility covers and perform striping on all newly paved roads.

- More updates on the project are to come.

Friendly reminder: If you park in places signed for no parking, it will extend the workdays, inconveniencing your neighbors, and we will have to tow your vehicle. For your safety, please obey all signs and flaggers.

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