The Tiburon Police Department

The Tiburon Police Department is located at 1155 Tiburon Boulevard in Tiburon. Always, to save a life or report a crime, call 911. For general, non-emergency police business, call (415) 789-2801.


The Tiburon Police Department was established in 1972 following the town’s incorporation by eight years. It first operated from 80 Main Street before moving in the late 70’s into surplus military housing near its present site. In 1999 the department moved into its current location at 1155 Tiburon Blvd.

The department is open to the public Monday through Thursday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM and on Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. During hours when the department is closed, visitors can be directly connected to our dispatch center via a phone outside our front entrance. Persons seeking assistance need only lift the phone to be connected with a dispatcher. Should you desire additional information that doesn’t appear on the site, please contact us directly at (415) 789-2801 or by using the department directory. We welcome and encourage your thoughts and comments.

Michael Cronin, Chief of Police

Tiburon Police Chief Michael CroninThe department is led today by Chief Michael Cronin, a 35 year veteran of municipal law enforcement. Mike was appointed to his position in 2007. He is committed to Community Policing, a philosophy that emphasizes the development of partnerships between individuals, agencies and the various segments of society and the police in a collaborative effort to attack root causes of crime and disorder. This philosophy is shared by all members of the department. He can be reached at (415) 789-2807 or at

Dave Hutton, Captain

Tiburon Police Captain Dave HuttonCaptain David Hutton is Tiburon PD’s second in command. Dave is a 33-year veteran of law enforcement and has been with the Tiburon Police Department since 1981. Dave oversees the department’s operations division, which includes the sergeants and officers assigned to uniformed patrol, traffic & parking enforcement and the department detective. Dave can be reached at (415) 789-2806 or at

Cindy Rodriguez, Administrative Assistant

The administrative tasks are handled by Administrative Assistant, Cindy Rodriquez who works directly for the Chief of Police and is also the department’s property and evidence custodian. Cindy can be reached at (415) 789-2805 or at

Laurie Gordon, Emergency Services Coordinator

In addition to normal police activities the police station also houses the Emergency Operations Center, which is equipped to manage disaster response for Tiburon and Belvedere. Laurie Gordon is the Emergency Services Coordinator for both towns. Laurie is responsible for disaster preparedness, maintenance of the EOC and coordination of a wide range of related activities. Laurie can be reached at (415) 435-7386.

Megan’s Law

California’s Megan’s Law arms the public with certain information on the whereabouts of dangerous sex offenders so that local communities may protect themselves and their children. The law also authorizes local law enforcement to notify the public about high-risk and serious sex offenders who reside in, are employed in, or frequent the community.

The law is not intended to punish the offender and specifically prohibits using the information to harass or commit any crime against the offender. It recognizes that public safety is best served when registered sex offenders are not concealing their location to avoid harassment.

Click here to be directed to the Office of the Attorney General for the State of California’s official Megan’s Law resource site. Search for registered offenders in your area.

Additional Information

Megan’s Law makes available to adults and their escorted minor children information on “serious” and “high-risk” sex offenders in their local community. The information on a registered sex offender includes:

  • Name and known aliases
  • Age and sex
  • Physical description, including scars, marks and tattoos
  • Photograph, if available
  • Crimes resulting in registration
  • County of residence
  • ZIP code (based on last registration)

You may also access the information for free at the Megan’s Law viewing station at the Marin County Sheriff’s Office, 3501 Civic Center Drive, weekdays from 9:30-11:30a.m and 1:30-3:30p.m. Call (415) 499-7265 for further information.

You Are Not Alone: The YANA Program

The You Are Not Alone program, or YANA for short, began at the Tiburon Police Department in 1988 and has since gained national recognition. Tiburon’s elderly and disabled citizens that sign up for the program are called every morning to ascertain how they are doing and to offer them a “good morning” to start off the day.

If there is a problem or there is no response, police officers are immediately dispatched to the resident’s home. On numerous occasions, officers have found YANA participants had fallen sometime since the previous day’s call, and have helped them up or provided medical response from the Tiburon Fire Protection District. If you or someone you know could benefit from this program, please contact the Tiburon Police Department’s business line at (415) 789-2801.

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Always, to save a life or report a crime, CALL 911.

For general, non-emergency police business, call (415) 789-2801.

To leave an anonymous police tip, please be sure to include all pertinent information, including the date/time and the specific location, if applicable.

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