Business Licenses

Business License Requirements

There are a number of conditions which require a Business License in the Town of Tiburon.  More details are explained in the forms found through the links below, but here are a few general guidelines:

  • Your business is located in Tiburon, whether commercial or home-based
  • Your business is headquartered out of town, but you enter Tiburon to do business
  • You own a rental in Tiburon (residential single family through multi-unit rental)
  • Contractors - for general contractors, sub-contractors or "stand-alone" contractors, see the Building Contractors section below
For more information, including cost information, please view:

Home Occupation Permits

You may also need a Home Occupation Permit if your business is in Tiburon and operated out of your residence.  Please see the following forms for obtaining a Home Occupation Permit in addition to a Business License.  

Building Contractors

If you are a Contractor doing work that requires a building permit in Tiburon, your Business License, and Business License fees, will be included in the building permit issued by the Building Division.  If you are a sub-contractor doing work covered by a building permit issued to someone else (e.g. General Contractor or homeowner), you do not need an additional Business License.

Building trades doing work in Tiburon not requiring a building permit should refer to the Business License General Information, Application, and Price List.