General Plan

The Town's General Plan is the overarching document that guides the growth and development of Tiburon over the next 20 years, addressing issues like land use, housing, open space, conservation, parks and recreation, transportation, and environmental hazards. The General Plan lays out policies that will shape how the Town will look and feel in the future, and is created with plenty of public input. 

Tiburon's most recent general plan was adopted on September 7, 2005, entitled Tiburon 2020, which is available below. In 2020, the Town embarked on a two-year process to develop Tiburon's next general plan: Tiburon 2040. Over the next two years, there will be plenty of opportunity for the community to get involved and voice their opinions about their priorities and vision for Tiburon's next 20 years. The Town will be hosting a variety of workshops and making information and resources available on

Tiburon 2020 was developed with the purpose and intent to plan for the future while preserving key characteristics of Tiburon. When Tiburon 2020 was being developed, the community expressed a broad consensus that Tiburon is a special and unique place because:

  • The Town possesses some of the best views available anywhere in the world.
  • The Town is, at heart, a small town with a village character, a residential refuge from the City of San Francisco and the more urbanized parts of Marin County.
  • The Town has a vast network of open space, including most of the peninsula’s backbone, the Tiburon Ridge, which provides a unique community resource that can be enjoyed by residents and visitors alike.

Tiburon 2020 General Plan