Commercial Sign Types



A sign located on the face or surface of an awning


Any sign painted on or attached parallel to the wall of a building that does not project more than 12 inches horizontally outward from the building wall.



Any sign that projects from the face of a building by more than 12 inches and is supported by brackets, a projecting post, frame, or similar device, which is anchored to the building face. 


A sign painted on or attached to a window, or inside a building within10 feet of a window, and designed to be viewed by the general public from outside the building in which the window is located. 



Any sign that is designed and constructed as a stand-alone structure, which is self-supporting on the ground and not attached to a building. Types of freestanding signs include pole or pylon signs and monument signs, but not portable signs as described below


Any sign that is on top of, or attached to, the face of a marquee, canopy, cantilevered covered walkway, or arcade.



Any sign not permanently affixed to the ground or to a building or structure, including “pedestal”, “A-frame”, H-frame” and “I-frame” signs, and signs on wheels. Portable signs are prohibited in Tiburon. 


A business may post a temporary sign, such as a banner or temporary window sign, for a special event, including a special sale, grand opening, business closing, or a fund drive for a non-profit establishment. No more than two such signs, not exceeding 12 square feet in total or combined sign area, may be displayed at one time. A temporary sign may be displayed for a total of 30 days in any calendar year.



A sign that is designed and erected solely to direct vehicles or pedestrians and placed to provide direction to the public. Examples of such signs include parking lot directional signs such as “enter only”, “exit”, “parking in rear”,“restricted area” and “valet parking”; and signs directing the public to restrooms or specific building entrances. 

Other signs and requirements

For questions about other signs and requirements, please click here to read the entire Tiburon Sign Ordinance.