Projects Under Review

Site Plan and Architectural Review (Design Review)

3 Warren Court: File No. DR2021-089

5 Trestle Glen Circle: File No. DR2021-101

8 Auburn Court: File No. DR2021-087

840 Stony Hill Road Road: File Nos. DR2021-084/FAE2021-004

1960 Straits View Drive : File No. DR2021-075

  • Application Type: Minor Design Review (Staff Level) 
  • Status: Approval appealed to the November 18, 2021 Design Review Board meeting
  • Project Plan: Revised plans received October 8, 2021 (Click to View Plans)
  • Contact: 

Conditional Use Permit:

1696 Tiburon Blvd : File No. CUP2021-003

  • Application Type: Conditional Use Permit (Planning Commission)
  • Status: Scheduled for the November 10, 2021 Planning Commission Meeting
  • Project Plan: Project plans received October 20, 2021 (Click to View Plans)
  • Contact:


4916 Ranch Road: File No. PZ2021-001

Tree Permits

Public Right of Way adjacent to 5 Palmer Court: File No. TREE2021-018

65 Monterey Drive: File No. TREE2021-023

  • Application Type: Proposed Removal of 9 Stone Pine Trees
  • Status: Courtesy Notice mailed July 27, 2021. Decision pending further information requested.
  • Project Plan: Received July 21, 2021 (Click to View Plans)
  • Contact:

168 Antonette Drive: File No. TREE2021-026

Project Plans will be removed from the Town’s website after the appeal period has passed (unless an appeal is filed) or when an application is deemed withdrawn.Applications received prior to May 1, 2020 may not be available for electronic review. Please contact the Planning Division by filling out this form or  calling (415)435-7390 for more details or questions regarding Planning applications.


Any action of the Community Development Director, Design Review Board, or Planning Commission may be appealed by filing an appeal form and fee with the Town Clerk ( The filing fee deposit is $500 for an applicant appeal and a $300 filing fee non-applicant appeals.